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Hi all! It s now time to declare the NEW Escort of the Month and the winner is... A DRAW!.. We open up 2012 with two brand new winners of the EOTM competition. Sexy Kataleya known as Sexy Fernanda on the message board is the 5th Brazilian Escort to win the competion and has been recieving reviews on E-I since june 2010. However this is her first win/appearance on any EOTM blog. Congrats Sexy Kataleya!!! Sharing the win this month is Luana. Luana is EOTMs first Maltese winner and has proved very popular with reviewers in the last 3 months. Congrats Luana!!! The winners are now Miss January E-I 2012 and share the prize of a months free advertising on E-I. Well done ladies!!! As we had a bit of a glitch with this, FOR THIS MONTH ONLY, we dont only have a winner for Miss July, but we also have a couple of Miss July Runner Ups that have shared the prize of a month of advertising. So again, without further ado, it gives me great please to announce Miss July (from reviews from June!)" Well done Nikole!!! And please let us applaud our Miss July Runner Ups, Holly and Sweet Larissa! Well done ladies! Sorry for the mix up folks! I think I need to go have a lie down now!!! Mature Carolina is this years first mature EOTM. Not many mature ladies can win the title and generally its very tough for matures to recieve enough reviews. But it has happened before. Mature Abby (Nov 2008), Marsha Lord (April 2012) and Amy Alison (winning twice in 2009) all prove its very possible for the more mature ladies to win EOTM. Anyway, Mature Carolina is now Miss May E-I 2013 and the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. Congrats Carolina! This month we have yet another second time winner!!! This little lady had won the Escort of the Month Competition back in December 2013, and with her consistent glowing reviews, it was only a matter of time before she graced the ranks with her name, which I can imagine, sends a stir in the trousers of many a gentleman on these forums. So what is it about this escort that makes her stand out from the crowd? Is it her natural beauty? Her grace? Her mannerisms and attentiveness towards her clients? Well, from what I can see, her lovely arse probably has something to do with it! Anyway, without further ado, here is this months Escort of the Month Competition winner, Miss October, taking the lead with 30 points, way ahead of second place of 14 points, the lovely Melek!!! A huge well done to you again, Melek. And of course, a big thank you to everyone that takes their time to review the ladies! Apologies for this months announcement being a little late, however the 1st of August fell on a weekday I was not on duty, but as I am in today, here we go! Anyway, this month, we dont just have ONE Escort of the Month winner, we have TWO winners, both with 14 points! Our first winner was Miss August 2013, exactly one year ago! What a coincidence! Our second winner, just to mix the bag a little bit, is a new entry to the Escort of the Month Hall of fame! Congratulations, ladies! It gives me great pleasure to introduce both winners of Miss August 2014: Sexy Lora and Cherry Wilder! Ireland, you’re one of the horniest countries that I know of. You’re filled with a variety of sexy ladies that would make any man weak at the knees. However, when it comes to sex and women, you guys can grind to a halt at times. You don’t know whether the women that you’re seeing would get turned on by salad-tossing, or whether they are into anal sex or not. Continue reading Common Questions About Women Men Ask! →

Thread: Time to put a cork in it ladies:

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Furthermore, what would be the point of sending a dick picture? I can’t exactly fuck myself with my phone as I imagine that you’re rubbing my clit with your cock, can I? Unless the ladies actually ask for a picture, then no. We don’t like you sending pictures of your dick to us. Ireland, you’re one of the horniest countries that I know of. You’re filled with a variety of sexy ladies that would make any man weak at the knees. However, when it comes to sex and women, you guys can grind to a halt at times. You don’t know whether the women that you’re seeing would get turned on by salad-tossing, or whether they are into anal sex or not. Located in the country of Ireland, in the city of Dublin is the subregion of Sandycove. It’s a popular seaside resort South East of Dún Laoghaire and Glasthule and North West of Dalkey. The subregion is known for the Forty foot, a gentlemen’s bathing place that in the past was intended for males only but since the twentieth century, mixed bathing has become acceptable.Fun fact: The writer James Joyce lived as a young man in the Martello Tower that’s next to the Forty Foot bathing place in the district! Joyce’s opening scene of Ulysses is set in that tower! Annually on June 16th, the area celebrates Bloomsday in Joyce’s honor but open year round is a small Joycean museum too.Is there a kinky dominatrix fetish that’s keeping you up at night? Do you feel like you deserve a sensual, erotic massage? If the sexy, discreet companionship of a top ladies gets you hot and bothered, then sexy escorts are the remedy! If you’re planning to have your holiday or your leisure time in Ireland, you wouldn’t be able to resist going to the thriving county of Dublin. It’s the home of many wonderful landmarks, historical monuments and of course, gorgeous ladies!As much as the central region of county Dublin is very attractive to visitors and locals, you mustn’t forget that the whole county is filled with excitement and enjoyment. Therefore, you cannot go wrong in spending time in the lovely district of Sallynoggin.Originally, the area was established as a place where locals can live in just outside of the capital city in the 1940’s, where they would like to relax in the peaceful countryside after a hard day’s work. Nowadays, the district is the home of many beautiful escorts who know how to make any man happy! Every punter in on the planet wouldn’t be able to contain their excitement over a romantic meeting with a high-class Loughlinstown escort. Their alluring appearances and exceptional services can captivate any man they meet and make them want to encounter them again and again.However, in order to make a lovely courtesan arrange a second encounter with him, the punter would have to impress his chosen companion in their first meeting. This is the reason why many clients, both novice and expert, use the escorting guide on the directory to follow the advice and tips given that can make their second meetings a guarantee.The page tells you everything from how to prepare yourself for an intimate rendezvous, how to always treat the ladies with respect and how to thank your special lady for spending time with you. The guide will always be on the site for you to look back on whenever you’re not sure on what to do before, during or after an encounter! When you decide to offer yourself the gift you secretly desire, you must begin looking for a compatible courtesan. Dont panic, because our website helps you find your perfect match fast, easy and in a very discreet manner.What you have to do is check out the profiles created by the high-class Deansgrange escorts and choose your favourite one. Then give her a call and set up a sexy meeting. Just remember that you should not make a final decision until you read the ladies descriptions as well as the escort reviews written by their former clients. Thats it! Get started!

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However, like the rule of thumb in the world of dating, first impressions always count. Not every spooky costume you’d wear is going to bring all the ladies to the yard; they’d be like ‘my outfit is better than yours.’ You wouldn’t want that to happen to you on your Halloween sex night now, would you? That’s why it’s important to make sure you wear a costume that will make the ladies give you head, and not a smack on the head. When I first played one of these DVDs on our very expensive and illusive second-hand DVD player (on my own this time!), it was apparent that times had changed somewhat. No longer did the ladies and gents starring in these productions look like the band members of ABBA, no longer was porn wet and hairy and no longer did a black and white vertical line dance up and down the middle of the screen, this was better; MUCH better! The women were younger looking and much more attractive, and no dodgy perms and mullets either… upstairs OR downstairs! The Vampire Diaries novel series and TV series has proved to be very popular… and that might be thanks, in part, to Ian Somerhalder. The actor plays the gorgeous Damon Salvatore, who starts out as a bit of a rebellious bad boy and eventually turns into something of a hero for the story. No wonder we ladies love him so much! That would explain why so many ladies wouldn’t see so many punters in a day, or wouldn’t do this kind of service as a full-time job. Overall, these escorts believe that if they fit in sporting activities in their daily life, they can keep their escorting skills top notch, and what’s not a better way to motivate them to do more sports than to watch the Rio Olympics of 2016? Although we can’t all be Olympian athletes, we are still given the opportunity to do a variety of both mild and extreme sports; just read about the amount of activities that these ladies do when they’re not servicing their clients. Another big plus is that you can take a look at the reviews. The Escort Scotland reviews are an excellent way for you to find out which of the local ladies is the best for you to visit. The feedback has been written by other clients like you who want to share their experiences. By checking out the reviews you’ll be able to see which escorts might not be best for you and which are perfect for first timers.

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However, with VR porn you get an entirely new experience. You don’t have to stick with one point of view. Instead you can move your head around to change where you are looking… which is fantastic when there is more than one porn star on the screen and you want to admire both beautiful ladies at once. On the other hand, it is a wonderful idea to take an escort. She won’t think anything dodgy is going on, and you can learn some tricks that will help you get more ladies when on a night out. This is why your friends here at Escort Ireland have put together five foreplay tips to get a guy turned on. Now we are going to be speaking to the ladies here, but if any guy reads this, why not take these ideas back to your girlfriend? I am sure she will be more than happy to bring a few new tricks into the bedroom. The image of Jeremy Meeks, 30, has earned 100,000+ likes and counting. His popularity originally encouraged ladies to send in cash to help his defence fund as he was a ‘poor guy who was at risk of being railroaded by the justice system’. For years people have been saying that the modelling industry gives a false impression of what a woman actually looks like. Yes, certain women are skinny, size 0 ladies, who if they are not walking down a catwalk, then they most certainly should be. Guys, if you want to make sure that you want to get laid, it’s best that you wear either a vampire or a werewolf costume to attract the ladies, or the gimp suit that dude wore in ‘Pulp Fiction’ if you’re into dominant women…

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In the 1990s, I had heard of these ‘rude cartoons’, although I didn’t really think much of them. My father did have a copy of the French 1975 adult cartoon Jungle Burger (or Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle as known in the States), which I watched in during the 90s and found it mildly amusing, but not sexually arousing by any stretch. What I didn’t know about was the extremity of these Japanese animé titles, where vulnerable young girls would be coaxed into the chambers of a demi-demon that would end up being bounded and sexually manipulated by many phallic-shaped tentacles. When they weren’t being sexually abused by demons, these young ladies would inevitably end up having a sexual pyjama party, sensually exploring and licking each other’s firm, pert bodies, rosy-cheeked and making little high pitched gasps and moans upon every touch. They have different reasons and many of them don’t have anything to do with their partners, but there are some things most men could improve when it comes to this position. And they should do their best to make their lovers comfortable on top because this is a great way for ladies to reach orgasm since they decide the rhythm and how deep their partners enter them. Since it is so important to do these exercises, it is best for you ladies out there to start now. I’m sure the Galway escorts will do them! For now, I’m going to see what other toys are on crowdfunding. Who knows, I might discover the next big thing. Not so keen on being spotted but still want to feel the air on your skin? Why not fuck in your back garden? It will be a lot of fun and you’ll find that it feels a lot safer than going out into the world. If you do decide to risk it outside in public properly, make sure you dress for the occasion. Skirts are a must for ladies and zip trousers are preferable for men. And that’s not all. There are condoms with ribbs and with a special texture for increasing the ladies’ pleasure. I guess you already know that when it comes to colour and flavour the diversity of condoms is overwhelming. Before he met his beautiful wife he was a ladies’ man. And while pleasure was extremely important for him, so was his health. So, he gathered all the info possible about condoms in order to find out how he can feel amazing and not get an STD or a girl pregnant.

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