Thread: Sex study says make women laugh for better orgasms


Whatever you do, don’t stop stroking him. Think about your guy licking your pussy and you’re getting close to climaxing; you wouldn’t want him to stop. Therefore, you keep doing exactly what you’re doing until he orgasms. One thing I like to do is bring my lips close to his and begin to breathe into his mouth. It’s a little bit like breath play where I tease him by not kissing him. Plus, it is far more immersive than traditional porn is. You find yourself believing that you are the star, and that every single lick and stroke that they do to the POV cock is actually happening to you, especially when you combine their movements with your own. It can lead to incredible orgasms and leave you feeling like you have had the best experience of your whole life! Another big turn on is the fact that you are getting double the stimulation. It isn’t just somebody jerking you off with their hand or licking your ass. It is both. You get to enjoy them both at the same time which can leave you weak in the knees… and give you one of the best orgasms you have ever had. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you can’t have simultaneous orgasms. You can and I did a couple of times. It felt fine but it’s not such a big deal. Anyway, it doesn’t just happen because you love each other. Often this treatment is accompanied by the use of a penis pump in order to help users get the most from it. With regular use throughout the month, it can lead to intense orgasms and longer lasting erections. In some cases it is combined with the shockwave treatment, which can help to enhance the effects. While there are some people who do not like to masturbate when they are having phone sex, a lot of people do. This means that you and your partner will get the chance to enjoy orgasms without even being in the same room!

Thread: Sex study says make women laugh for better orgasms:

I could not have dreamed of a better time.

This is a common reason for faking it, but people are still shocked to learn that men fake orgasms too. Why? Why are we surprised by this? Have you ever faked it? I have admitted before that I’ve faked orgasms in the past. The reasons vary each time, but more often than not it was because I had difficulty talking to my partner at the time about what it is what that I wanted in bed. This can make it very tempting for men to fake orgasms, especially when their partner isn’t so understanding of this penis problems. They might not know how to cope with them, or they might feel that it is something they are doing wrong. If a man fakes it, it takes the pressure off of him to explain this potential problem. Men fake orgasms too, but the way that people react to this information makes it seem like big news. “How do they hide it?” and “it’s easy for men to come” are the obvious responses, so why are we surprised when men fake it? We don’t always have the kind of mind-blowing and amazing sex that we hope we will. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel good. It might be that we aren’t compatible with our partner, or that the chemistry we need to make sex good isn’t there. When that happens it can be tempting to fake orgasms instead. Nevertheless, that stress can also be subtracted from your life when you have an encounter with an escort that knows how to keep your issues at bay. There are many kegel exercises that guys can do to prolong their orgasms, but a courtesan can help you learn what to do when you will have a meeting with your future-girlfriend, or future-wife, or future-fuck-buddy.

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Not in the movies! Thirty seconds into sex the woman will be moaning and groaning as though her life depends on it. She’ll cum again and again without any signs of stopping, and when it is time for the man to cum they’ll both enjoy orgasms in perfect synchronicity. The Center for Sexual Studies in California had a team of doctors hot and bothered monitoring a woman who orgasmed 134 times in one hour. That’s two orgasms every minute! For men, the record is only 16. Unfortunately, the condition of the everlasting orgasm is not as romantic as it sounds. The patient orgasms while feeling void of any feelings of sexual desire. Damn, makes you wonder what you did in your last life to deserve this orgasm! It’s actually a super rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome and the uncontrollable orgasms have no known cure. Rather interestingly, if a woman’s friends find a guy attractive, she is more likely to have bigger orgasms. Another hot topic is that of orgasms. Everyone seems to be talking about how many people fake it, how to achieve orgasm, and whether you actually need an orgasm to have a great sex life. If you’ve had a look at the list of escort favourites on the Escort England directory, a lesbian escort would be able to do all of the services that wouldn’t involve cocks and spunk. Of course, they would be able to provide strap-on services for those that still enjoy vaginal orgasms; it’s not like they’re staunch misandrists that throw out the first phallic object they see in front of them. Like the lazy dog, this position is perfect for those who aren’t well-endowed. It will make your cock feel as though it is filling your partner, and because you are moving slowly, you can easily reach around and tease them too! You’ll both enjoy your orgasms in no time at all.

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Anal play is a lot of fun. It feels naughty when you do it, and the fact that others think of it as a taboo makes it even more tempting to try. Done correctly and you can have one of the most intense orgasms of your life from it. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. It is a question that men have asked for years. How do you get hard again faster after having an orgasm? Being able to have multiple orgasms in a session is fun an as you are able to have more sex, but lets face it, you also look good in front of the woman. In the escort industry it is even more important as a lot of sessions are an hour long, and if you can’t cum twice, you could be using 40 minutes of that time talking about what is going on in the news. But what is the answer? How can you actually reduce what is known medically as the ‘refractory period’? I’ve had PCD before. It honestly came out of nowhere, after an absolutely amazing fuck. I was satisfied with sex, I’d had plenty of orgasms, and still I felt down. It really knocked me for six because I had no idea what was going on. The thing we need to remember is that porn and sex are two different things. Porn is a form of entertainment, designed to last a long time and turn you on. Sex is the gratification and orgasms you get with a partner. What you see in porn is not realistic of life… so can we really blame porn for unrealistic expectations? Can porn be educational, teaching people how sex could be and how to do things, or is it giving people unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex and orgasms? We take a look all sides of the argument. Rebecca tilted her pelvis upward so he would have full clitoral contact. Again and again he thrust deeply into her, again and again she gasped, moaned and shouted out in pure pleasure. He filled her so completely that she climaxed just from the penetration. After half an hour of this – and several multiple orgasms – she didn’t think that she could take anymore – yet he had still not cum. How was this fair? To receive so much pleasure, and seemingly not be able to give any back? She kissed him deeply again, feeling butterflies in the pit of her stomach at the dangerous game she was playing. But this was like a drug, and she was now completely addicted. Getting onto all fours, she stuck her firm, toned bottom in the air, inviting him in. It wasn’t long before he was entering her again, pulling wildly at her hair and thrusting roughly. It seemed that the harder he went, the more she enjoyed it. He bent over her and bit gently into her shoulder, and she climaxed once again.

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This isn’t as quick and easy as the others, but it’s a fun and exciting way to finish off and could even give you a second wind. Suggest that you put on her favourite porno (remember it’s all about her) and enjoy each other’s bodies until you can perform again and finish the job. If you’re erection doesn’t come back, keeping playing with her until she orgasms. Watching a movie that turns her on will help her reach an orgasm faster. The future of female orgasms might set you back a fair amount of money. In fact, the device is currently being sold at a discount, but will still set you back $299. This works out at just under €275. This is a hell of a price for an orgasm! No, we aren’t talking sex toys. We are talking about a machine which is being hailed as the machine to help with female orgasms. Something that can increase your sexual pleasure in a way that Kegel exercises can’t. So is this machine really the future of the female orgasm? It is a question that men have asked for years. How do you get hard again faster after having an orgasm? Being able to have multiple orgasms in a session is fun an as you are able to have more sex, but lets face it, you also look good in front of the woman. In the escort industry it is even more important as a lot of sessions are an hour long, and if you can’t cum twice, you could be using 40 minutes of that time talking about what is going on in the news. But what is the answer? How can you actually reduce what is known medically as the ‘refractory period’? Continue reading Four Tips To Get Hard Again Fast After Cumming → We are far too focused on orgasms when it comes to sex. For a lot of people this isn’t a good thing. When I have been put under pressure to come I just can’t get there. I’d rather let things happen naturally, but a lot of the people you’ll jump into bed with will be focused on the orgasm. Thats it so I ‘m going to have to get up to the 5 orgasms a week level,I wonder will Minister O Reilly think kindly on a grant application for funding,

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We all have our little vices, whether it is chocolate, drinking beer, or any other thing we know we shouldn’t be having. The good news is that orgasms can help us stick clear of these illicit pleasures. The science is pretty simple. If your uterus contracts, it will help expel blood and tissue, and get rid of the compounds that cause cramps.The more orgasms you have, the shorter your period will last, and the less painful they will be. On top of that, orgasms and general arousal increases the amount of oxytocin in your system, which makes that pituitary gland of yours release endorphins. This reduces pain and gives a sense of well being. Here are five reasons why you should be having more sex, and more orgasms. Remember to show this to your partner so you can embark on a new healthy lifestyle! It doesn’t work that way though, does it? When I’m ill, orgasms come few and far between. I don’t want them, or I can’t get them, no matter how hard I try. This is particularly true when I have a cold. So if you are ill and you can’t come, that might be why. Orgasms require energy, so if you are struggling with a lack of sleep, general tiredness, or even fatigue, you’ll find that it isn’t always possible to get there. Yes, orgasms can certainly help you to drift off, but if you don’t have the energy to get there then they are going to be no use to you.

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It’s a tough time, made even more challenging because we want sex more. When I’m on my period, my desire for sex goes through the roof. I want it more than ever, and having sex on your period is actually a great thing. For a start, you’re more lubricated, making sex easier. Plus, orgasms can help in two big ways. The first is that orgasms are a natural pain relief, helping to ease the cramps. The second is that orgasms can help to shorten the length of period by making the lining shed quicker. I don’t know about you, but these all seem like great reasons to get it on. We still want to hear from you. Let us know which position is your favourite and why in the comment box below. Do you like doggy because you want to try anal? Perhaps it is the frog position giving you the most intense orgasms? Tell us all about it! Trying to find a willing partner to participate in sex when you are on the rag is difficult. Most people find that the thought is enough to turn them off, so enjoying the benefits of orgasms is difficult. For many, the whole reason to have sex is to reach orgasm. This rings true in Londonderry, as they admitted that orgasms are the primary reason they have sex. Then there’s Fermanagh, where people have sex to keep their partner happy. Aww. Unfortunately for the people of Armagh, they revealed themselves to be the ones most likely to have no orgasms during sex. They were also the top of the list for not faking orgasms, so at least they are being honest with their partners? On the other hand, Down is the place where people fake it a lot. We can’t help but feel jealous of the people of Londonderry, as they claim to almost always orgasm during sex. The ‘Design A Sex Toy’ competition is one that Lovehoney have been running since 2009, and it has proven to be pretty successful. They want to help create the next big thing in the world of orgasms and pleasure, and the best way to do that is to get fresh ideas.

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The problem is that there are so many different sex toys out there, and some just don’t hit the spot for us. Yes, they might be good, but they don’t lead to the kind of ground-shaking orgasms we have been hoping for. It is great for rear-entry, and is going to be a fun variation of doggy. It also engages your core, which can help to lead to some of the most intense orgasms of your life if you give it a try. However, there are some hidden gems that you can find out there. This one comes from the 1980s, and says that “the most crucial aspect of sex is talking! Do you crave intercourse, or cuddling? Are you satisfied after one or two orgasms – or do you want more?” Anal sex is more common than people might think. It may be described as a kink, or a fetish, by some, but for many of us it is one of the hottest things we can do in bed. The givers love watching the ass in front of them as they pound into it, while the receivers enjoy the feeling and intense orgasms that anal sex can give us. The only problem is trying to figure out which of the anal sex tips available online are the best for us to try for ourselves. I stood up, and she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my back as I carried her into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed, and we crawled under the covers facing each other in the afterglow of our many orgasms. “I’ve never met a woman like you” I said to Miriam. “You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg baby” was her reply! That is because it is often faked. This shouldn’t be surprising to us, but we might find ourselves being misled in the bedroom about just how easy it is to come. We’ll expect our orgasms to happen sooner and take place regularly, but that isn’t the case. Orgasms requires a lot more work in real sex.

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