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Use cash instead of credit cards – Lessen the worries of being questioned on why you visited a certain suspicion arousing venue and who you were with. Using cash would take off the issue of having credit card bills which details your spending, where you have been and lifestyle habits sent to your home. Every single year, many of us will make a New Year’s resolution. This resolution often involves actually going to the gym more, or eating better to try and live a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that, by mid-January, most of us have given up on our resolutions and gotten back into our old habits. Various pieces of research have suggested that the same eating habits that could cause heart attacks because of restrictive blood flow might actually cause erectile dysfunction. The food you eat could make staying hard more difficult, so what can you do? Irwin Goldstein, MD and director of sexual medicine at the San Diego Alvarado Hospital, states that “the link between the Mediterranean diet and improved sexual function has been scientifically established”, so eating more exotic dishes might be the key to better erections! Food is fantastic, especially when you take it into the bedroom. Not many people can see a big slice of cake in a cafe and resist buying it to devour then and there, but these bad eating habits might actually be impacting your ability to keep an erection. Jenny Roberts, 72, who underwent surgery to change sex when she was around 50, told Murray: “A lot of trans women want to believe they are women, but we’re not. We bring our male traits and habits with us.” After speaking to a few ladies about their sexual habits during menstruation (yes, it was uncomfortable for me, but I was slightly drunk at the time) I have put together a guide on what precautions ladies who like to have sex during a period will take.

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What do these figures tell us? Firstly, that they don’t mean a whole lot, which relates to one of the first fraudulent arguments behind pro-criminalisation. Sweden’s figures, for example, relate to numerous factors that have dictated a shift in punter habits and attitudes over the 15 year period. The statistical drop in street prostitutes is arguably only a circumstantial shift, propped up by the radical social and technological changes of the past decade. Seemingly, these pro-criminalisation campaigns neglect, whether purposefully or not, the impact of the internet and how this has changed customer habits, or how the demographic has if not altered, then at least evolved. As a part of the body, the cock’s health is directly affected by the body’s health. Unhealthy habits like not getting enough sleep, eating excessive unhealthy foods and not exercising can affect erections. A study of obese homies showed that overweight dudes produce less semen. Not only that, it’s of lower quality, which can affect fertility according to a study performed by the Stanford University of Medicine in California. Years passed and your knowledge of the noodle grew. Through sexy experimentation, one discovers that the kinky egg roll has a lot of curious habits, some sweet and some sour. Your investigation uncovered things about that private eye that they just didn’t tell you in sex ed class. Good job investigating that one-eye yogurt slinger! But why stop there? Keep calm, stay kinky and learn more about the sexy ying yang as new medical research is always banging out new findings. We understand that the world can be a cruel place that inhabits a lot of narrow-minded people. Some guys and girls can be very judgmental and insulting when they hear about a fetish that doesn’t ‘conform to the norm’. Every single year, many of us will make a New Year’s resolution. This resolution often involves actually going to the gym more, or eating better to try and live a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that, by mid-January, most of us have given up on our resolutions and gotten back into our old habits. Continue reading Keep Up With The Gym For A Better Sex Life! → You should also look out for an increase in the amount of calls they receive, and a certain change in their tone when they answer. Does your partner leave the room to take some of their calls? Look out for any changes in frequency of calls, the tone of voice they use (flirty or hushed) and any changes in text messaging habits – these are all signs that suggest that your partner is not being faithful.

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What you watch in porn isn’t reflective of the things that you like in the bedroom. Our porn habits can be varied, but often the are simply a fantasy we love to picture ourselves in. The reality for many people just don’t work out. Sometimes, our fantasies are just that – fantasies. We don’t need them to become reality. Our porn habits don’t mean that this is something we want to try. It simply means that watching this turns us on. In some cases, we like the fantasy, but the reality will never fit with our ideas. And that’s okay. Some people feel that our porn habits correlate to the things that we enjoy the most in the bedroom. If someone loves watching MILF porn, they might love the idea of fucking an older woman. Anyone looking for threesomes may want to have a ménage à trois in the future and be seeking inspiration. Is this true? Do our porn habits really reflect the things we want in the bedroom, or are our real life fetishes very different to the things we watch? I take a look on the blog. Prostitutes in large cities tend to be a drug fueled industry. Women are working to pay for drug habits or are forced into sex labor to pay off debts. In Southwest states many illegal brothels have been uncovered which force women to work off their debt for being transited into the United States. If your sex life has gotten a little boring, you might need to take steps to spice things up again. Some people will opt for things like using sex toys or trying new positions to achieve this. However, sometimes it can be a lot more exciting to take things back to basics with mutual masturbation. Continue reading How Mutual Masturbation Can Spice Up Your Sex Life! →

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When it comes to the actual period play, do whatever you both feel comfortable with. While one person may not enjoy oral sex while on their period, another might love it, so clarify this with your partner beforehand. Your partner may prefer some mutual masturbation or sex as opposed to oral. Whatever your partners preferences, enjoy the moment and make sure you both have fun. For them, the cock is holy and they advise that “at least four hours a week should be devoted to masturbation or assisting others towards the goal”. Until only recently, the penalty for public masturbation in Indonesia was decapitation. Of course, this punishment was absolutely redonkulous, but real talk, no one needs, or wants to see you badgering the witness unless um, they ask. Did no one ask you if they could watch you fist your mister? Yeah man, that’s because aiding and abetting a known felon in the court of public opinion is perverted and super duper shady. Are you not curious to see what Indonesia’s punishment has changed to? Then play it safe, and charm that snake away from the scrutinizing public eye, duh! There is a debate that is still being discussed today whether sex and love are the same. My opinion is that they’re not. Love is an emotional feeling that can mean many different things to other people whereas sex is a primitive activity that we do every day; even masturbation. Yet you enjoy sex more when you do it with the person you love, so you can see how the line between love and sex becomes blurry. This was the reality for a lot of men across the world on that faithful Monday morning of September 1st 2014. Never before had such a leak occurred, from a celebrity so high on the A-list and with a set of photos so splendidly graphic, and so ruthlessly explicit. OK, so it wasn’t as magic as we’ve described above. In reality, it was probably a dark, rainy and depressing morning, and across the country the only audible sound would have been that of vigorous masturbation as every male breathlessly gasped at his computer screen. Such is the beautiful reality of the male agenda; if you continually sexualise a person and then present us nude photos of them, we’re going to look at those pictures. Excluding those that lie to their girlfriends, a lot of guys would openly admit to having a browse, even if just a furtive glance on your workmate’s iPhone. For many, phone sex is a sort of guided masturbation, where you tell them what you would do to them and they do it to themselves, so make sure the words you use reflect the words they would use to refer to themselves.

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Some people have a special fantasy that involves a FOUR HANDS massage. If you are one of them, it’s time to search for the escorts that give you that. Don’t be shy, we all dream about two people pampering our body so go for it. And if you want to go deeper, book a GENITAL MASSAGE. No, this doesn’t refer to masturbation. It is actually an interesting way of stimulating circulation in your special area, If a lightsaber dildo isn’t your thing (we can understand why it might not be) then Geeky Sex Toys has you covered once again. They have a whole range of Star Toys for you to choose from, including a ‘Hand Solo’ masturbation sleeve and a ‘Space Station Ball Gag’, for when force choking someone into silence is just too much. I don’t know about you, but sometimes masturbation can get a bit repetitive. Even if you decide to get creative with the things that you do, you might find that it just doesn’t feel different. However, your pillows can help to make it feel so much different for you. Spank the Monkey - Irish slang for act of male masturbation. Phone Sex - Talking dirty and / or the act of mutual masturbation or fondling while talking on the telephone. Beat the Meat - Slang for male masturbation.

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But when it comes to masturbation, all women have their personal orgasm technique. I am far from saying that there is one way for all women, but every lady knows the method that makes her reach an amazing orgasm. Now, I am not saying that every time she enjoys a little masturbation, a lady lights candles and drinks wine while massaging her body, but she needs to feel comfortable. Some women take long baths, some just close their eyes and try to use their imagination to forget about their daily worries. My first boyfriend told me that the reason he fell in love with me was my weird honesty regarding…masturbation. We were just 17 years old when he asked me and a bunch of girls how we masturbate. I was the only one who didn’t act like a hypocrite. So, while the others rolled their eyes saying how gross masturbation is I laughed. Then, I told him that it depends on my mood, and on how much time I want to spend playing with myself. ‘Self love’ or masturbation has brought many dudes to the hospital after their creativity backfires something fierce. One bored machinist experienced just that when he decided to stimulate himself by rubbing his groin on an engine’s canvas belt. What felt good for one moment went horribly wrong. He showed up at the hospital with a scrotum swollen ‘twice the size of a grapefruit.’ His tryst with the canvas belt of that engine cost him one testicle and he then tried to bolt his scrotum back together with a staple gun. After you have delighted your man with your arousing body it’s time to go down girl and focus on his intimate parts! Yes, you guessed, surprise him with a GENITAL MASSAGE! No, don’t begin a masturbation session, just focus on the whole area first! Tease, before you please, baby! For those who dream of getting close and personal with your favourite porn star, The “Fleshlight Girls” could be the toy for you. This particular bran consists of custom-moulded masturbation sleeves that were moulded from the bodies of some of the hottest porn stars out there. Currently, there are 19 girls available including Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze and Misty Stone. There are also 6 European adult stars that have joined The Fleshlight Girls” – the two most prominent being Marry Queen and Eufrat Mai. Most are moulds of the vulva, while some of these sexy stars have had all three moulded.

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For those who have not yet heard of the Fleshlight; it is a masturbation sleeve that is housed in a plastic case, which resembles an oversized flashlight. Hence the name. The inner sleeve is available with vulva, anus, and mouth orifices, and similarly to a Belfast escort, it caters for all. Let’s think about masturbation. It is something natural NOW, but it was banned in many cultures. And if this example is not enough, remember how homosexuality used to be considered ( and still is in many parts of the world) At this moment, people are OK with most things they couldn’t accept, in the past. Labelled as the ‘Queen of Freak’ on Pornhub, Ava Devine has made a name for herself within the world of anal sex, MILFS, and masturbation. I’ve had a look at some of her solo scenes, and I have to say, she knows how to wank herself to oblivion. Mutual masturbation is great because it really amps up the sexual tension in the bedroom. You’ll find that you can’t wait to get to the main event, but you want to stick with it just a little longer to discover more. It is a brilliant way to learn more about your partner and try new things, without thinking too far outside of the box. Finding it difficult to stick with it? Tell your partner. They might have an idea for something to try to make it exciting and keep you both on track. You might even find it useful to set a timer on your phone. Even a timer for ten minutes can help, as you can both decide that you will enjoy mutual masturbation until the timer runs out. It will make you stick with it for longer and you’ll find it is a huge turn on when the timer goes off! The reason that mutual masturbation is such a good idea is because we tend to rush sex. We’ll skip through foreplay as quickly as possible in order to get to the main event. We never mean to, but often we are so fixated on fucking that we don’t spend enough time teasing our partner and turning them on. This can mean that we aren’t as turned on as we could be before sex starts.

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Mutual masturbation might seem boring to some of you, but it is the perfect way to mix things up and inject something new into your routine. It will be fun for you both and add a bit of a challenge to sex, as you’ll have to rely on just your hands to get them off. So what will you do? If your sex life has gotten a little boring, you might need to take steps to spice things up again. Some people will opt for things like using sex toys or trying new positions to achieve this. However, sometimes it can be a lot more exciting to take things back to basics with mutual masturbation. What can you bring to the bedroom? If you are great at foreplay, focus on that. You can make your partner feel amazing before you even have sex. You could try something like mutual masturbation to really slow things down. You get the chance to see what your partner likes before you even put sex on the menu. Edging is a popular technique not only during masturbation, but also during sex. You get as close as you can to the brink of orgasm without going over and stop. For a few minutes, or until you feel ready, you stop stimulation of yourself. It is the perfect chance for you to pleasure your partner and you’ll find that it can help you to gain better control of your orgasm. Sex and masturbation both require energy. Sure, you might not feel like you spend a lot of energy jerking yourself off, but you do. How many times afterwards will you sit or lie there feeling tired and ready to go to sleep for a little while? Now, besides the fact that we celebrate masturbation, we also have more and more toys to help us achieve immense pleasure, without having to interact with other people. I am not sure how good this is since not having to meet people might make us all sociopaths in love with our devices. However, some of the masturbating toys are extremely cool and they deserve an article written around them.

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