Sexual Partners: Do The Numbers Matter?


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Sexual Partners: Do The Numbers Matter?:

Does Your Personality Type Match Your Sexual Preferences

I do not take bookings from Private Numbers. I have set up my phone so that it blocks these numbers, so if you are calling from a Private number the call will not be answered. This is for my security and to also help filter genuine enquiries. When it comes to activities in the bedroom, there tend to be two types of people: those who know exactly what they like and stick to only that, and those who are more than happy to try something out of their comfort zone. These people are often referred to as being try-sexual. Continue reading 3 Reasons You Should Be A Try-Sexual! → The reptiles sport fully erect penises that they hide inside of their bodies. The permanently erect fibrous tissue shoots out of their bodies and is pulled back in just as quickly. Alligator cock is so full of collagen that even after death, it’s still erect thus this reptile wins the title of King of the everlasting infinity erection. Human erections come and go but relax and take a look at how to go for round two in The Sexual Olympics. We are often very curious about people, and like to know different things about them. Maybe it is because we think we know them better, or maybe it is because we like to be involved. Either way, your “number” is often a hot top of conversation. Continue reading Sexual Partners: Do The Numbers Matter? → Recently, a sex study has suggested that women are far more likely to lose interest in sex over time than men are, and this is pretty disappointing news. As a result, people are eager to find different ways to improve their sexual desire. Continue reading How To Boost Your Sexual Desire! → These findings come after a survey of more than 7,500 American adults, published in Sexually Transmitted Infections, which is a specialist BMJ journal.

Sexual Health Screening in Ireland ....

There have been plenty of different ones throughout the years, most of them are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, telling us if squirting exists and, if it does, what it is made of. Some are saying that it doesn’t exist as they have never seen it, while others are certain that their results show it does exist. The Center for Sexual Studies in California had a team of doctors hot and bothered monitoring a woman who orgasmed 134 times in one hour. That’s two orgasms every minute! For men, the record is only 16. Unfortunately, the condition of the everlasting orgasm is not as romantic as it sounds. The patient orgasms while feeling void of any feelings of sexual desire. Damn, makes you wonder what you did in your last life to deserve this orgasm! It’s actually a super rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome and the uncontrollable orgasms have no known cure. It seems that it is called a ‘coregasm’ (quite a clever name to be fair). This is an ‘exercise induced orgasm’ which was first described in 1953 by sexologist Alfred Kinsey in his book Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female. Beauty contests have been held as far back as 1839. They have all qualified and judged beauty. Typically, the judging criteria tries to judge her whole package like in the Miss Universe Competition. Yet sexual organ beauty pageants like The Smallest Penis Contest and The Miss Bumbum Contest focus on just the package. Sexual Organ Beauty Pageants like The Vagina Beauty Pageant let kinky body parts that don’t often see the light of day, have their day in the sun! Scientists however, may well have come up with the answer, or four answers to be precise. There is Altruistic Deceit, faking orgasm out of concern for a partner’s feelings; Fear and Insecurity, faking orgasm to avoid negative emotions associated with the sexual experience; Elevated Arousal, a woman’s attempt to increase her own arousal through faking orgasm; and Sexual Adjournment, faking orgasm to end sex. Sub / Dom - Sexual practices in which partners take defined dominant and submissive roles.

Sexually transmitted infections

Masturbation - Sexual stimulation of ones own or anothers sexual organs, usually with the hands, but also with other parts of the body or with objects. Gang-Bang - Sexual practice where a woman has vaginal intercourse with several men in succession. Foot Fetish / Foot Worship - Sexual obsession towards feet or shoes. Daisy Chain - Sexual activities in which several people are stimulating each others genitals simultaneously. Coitus - Sexual intercourse. Bukkake - Sexual practice where several men ejaculate on the face of a woman.

Play by play game plan for Sexual Olympics

As their Facebook event tells us, “This year Ireland has seen the push for the further criminalisation of sex work in the Sexual Offences Bill”, and so they are inviting “all sex workers, supporters and allies” to a candlelit vigil to honour and remember the sex workers who have found themselves as victims of violence. The Archives of Sexual Behaviour recently published a study where scents and sniffing became the focus. They wanted to see how these factors might influence someone’s sex life, and so they queried a few people on the topic. Most people have a fantasy. They might love the idea of being tied up and fucked by their partner, or they might want to meet a stranger at a bar and hook up in public. Our sexual fantasies are as diverse as we are, but there are a few common ones we tend to have. Continue reading Sexual Fantasies: Which Are The Most Common? → Getting regularly tested for STIs and STDs is important. Not only will it check that you are in the clear, but it’ll put your mind at ease. Safe sex is by far the best sex there is, and wouldn’t you rather know? Looking to get tested? Sexual Health NI has a great resource to help you find your nearest GUM clinic and get tested. The study, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, wanted to know specifically what women between the ages of 16 and 45 think about penises, and just what about them they find the most attractive. Ireland’s rationalisation for criminalising the purchase of sex was based on the Nordic Model, the Sexual Offences bill that was first introduced in Norway and Sweden. Soon after, Canada, Iceland, France and Northern Ireland integrated the Nordic Model into their Sexual Offences Bill.

Sexual Performance is diminished

Every day it seems like a different celebrity is abusing the sacrament of their celebrity status. Just like a sleazy priest, celebrities today are being caught in sex scandals that defy the amount of respect the masses initially gave them. It seems as though the people that we look up to are just as capable of becoming the person that we look down upon. Perhaps then they were never gods, just mortals with really good lighting. Continue reading Madonna – Guilty of Sexual Assault? → Baum also backs this up with science. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that a huge number of women experience no side effects from using vibrators. In fact, only 17% quoted things such as “vaginal numbness” as an issue, and even then, they stated that the numbness only lasted a day. “If a doctor asks a patient ‘do you think you ejaculate too quickly?’, a substantial proportion of men will say ‘yes’,” according to Dr McMahon, the director of the Australian Centre for Sexual Health. Many men who complain about them may actually be using the wrong size condom. This is according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Therefore they should try to use different sizes, and get the one that fits them best. In 2011, Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds actually went and looked for an answer to this conundrum. The study was called ‘copulatory vocalization’, and the results were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Bill Roache has been found not guilty today of string of sexual offences, bringing to an end a trial that has gripped Great Britain and Ireland. The 81 year old actor was accused of two rapes and four indecent assaults at the trial held at Preston Crown Court. Continue reading Bill Roache Found Not Guilty of Sexual Offences →

Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation

Hell, turn that Sunday into ‘Sexual Sunday’, a day where you and your chosen Irish escort can cheer the Ireland team when they play at the Stade de Lyon. Come on, Ireland! All of us in the office are so happy that you’ve decided to turn to the directory instead of the other banal search that you could have clicked onto. I’ve got to say, it was one hell of a Sexual Wednesday that the site has ever experienced; pardon the Jenna Marbles reference. Don’t believe us? The infographic above will show you more. We have all heard of bucket lists yeah? This is where we draw up things we want to do before we die. Usually, these things include experiences such as doing a parachute jump, or visiting a specific country you have only ever seen on TV, However, after having a look around the internet, it seems that that someone has taken the bucket list to a whole new crazy level! He has come up with his own ‘sexual bucket list’. Continue reading The Sexual Bucket List! → Well, it seems to be that faking an orgasm is the thing that shows that you could be in trouble. Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that women who consistently fake orgasm are more likely to play away. So maybe we shouldn’t be asking why men are attracted to transsexuals but instead; why do we even care? Sexuality is not so black and white. An attraction to a transsexual is just as “normal” as our love for whips, chains and role-plays (dressing as a school girl!?!). Whatever the cause, my research has led me to the conclusion that it is certainly common. The variety of T-girl sites available and the amount of hits these sites get cannot merely be explained by people’s passing curiosity. The world of porn can teach us all a thing or too – mainly that what is regarded as ‘normal’ is rarely what we think it is! Sexual asphyxia, also known as breath play, erotic asphyxiation, hypoxiphilia or asphyxiophilia is choking or strangling someone during sex, to intensify an orgasm.

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I usually like to keep the blog quite fun. I want to help make it a place where people come to get away from the stresses of day to day life. Continue reading Dublin Man Convicted of Prolonged Sexual Assault → A study by Georgia State University, published in the journal of Sexual Medicine, discovered that sex could be great for your blood pressure. In fact, those having regular good sex had lower blood pressure readings. The key part there is “good sex”. Any old sex wasn’t enough. Neither was masturbation. It had to be sex that was satisfying. Researchers stated that “the more pleasurable the orgasm, the lower the readings on the day after intercourse”. Sex toys are amazing. They can teach you so much about your personal pleasure and what turns you on. There are many different styles and functions, so you can reach orgasm in every way possible. And yet people are a little wary about using sex toys for one big reason – they believe they can ruin their sex lives. Continue reading Do Sex Toys Cause Loss Of Sexual Pleasure? → Irish police have reopened an investigation into a sexual assault complaint made by the late sex worker advocate, and our friend, Laura Lee. Continue reading Laura Lee Sexual Assault Investigation to Reopen → Once in a while, a movie, a book or something else that has a different point of view, begins a revolution among people. This is what happened with “ Fifty Shades of Grey”, a while ago. It’s not that this movie brought bondage to the world. No! Bondage was always part of some people’s lives. But Fifty “Shades of Grey” somehow began normalising the practice. Continue reading Exploring Your Sexuality: Is Bondage Abusive? → Your Sexual Happiness - guaranteed!

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