Pervert Knocked Out By Woman (Video)


A student was woken up by loud noises coming from outside his house, and was shocked to find that it was two people having sex. Continue reading Couple Have Sex Outside Students House (Video) → Here at Escort Ireland, we have always had quite a conflicted view on public sex. Yes, it can be very exciting, but there really is a time and a place. It is OK if you are on a night out and anyone who catches you will pretty much find it funny, but if you are around kids, then anyone who does it pretty much needs a slap. Continue reading Man Busts Couple For Sex Near Kids (Video) → With the way technology is advancing, it seems that all of the things we have dreamt for the future might become a reality… and that includes the world of porn. Continue reading Is Virtual Reality Porn The Future? (Video) → Most of us have had heated rows with our girlfriends. I certainly know I have. There are differing ways we like to deal with these things. Some of us go and get smashed with our friends, whilst others try to make up with our partner by treating them, or going out for dinner. However, this guy in Turkey had a completely different approach to dealing with it. He decided it was a good idea to slash his penis off with a razor. Continue reading Man Cuts Off His Penis After Argument With His Girlfriend! (Video) → Beauty contests judge and rank physical attributes. Some contests like the Miss Universe competition take personality, intelligence, talent and answering questions as judged criteria. Yet not all contests. Some contests focus on just the sexy bits of the body! Continue reading Beauty Contests For Sex Organs! (Video) → Commuters at Berlin’s Schoenleinstrasse train station were given a bit of a surprise this week when they were ‘treated’ to a young couple having sex in front of a passing train. Continue reading Couple Filmed Having Sex At Train Station! (Video) →

Pervert Knocked Out By Woman (Video):

Is This The Most Racist Advert Ever? (Video)

It has to be said, Japan is famous for two things; Karaoke and crazy game shows. We all remember ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, where rather insane Japanese contestants risked life and limb going over ostensibly dangerous assault courses. Well, if you thought that was bad enough, wait until you hear about the new craze in the country. Continue reading Japanese Handjob Karaoke (Video) → Lots of us like outdoor sex. Maybe it is the fresh air, or maybe it is the thrill of possibly getting caught, but it certainly does get those endorphins rushing around our bodies. However, there is always going to be someone (or two people to precise) who will take it all too far. Continue reading Couple Have Park Sex In Broad Daylight (Video) → A lot has changed since the 1960’s, where there was a lot of segregation between different races. Since there are so many people travelling and moving to different countries now, it’s not a surprise that you see a lot of multicultural people hanging out together, making out together, and getting undressed together…in the bedroom. Continue reading Is This The Most Racist Advert Ever? (Video) → A cameraman on a Spanish TV show is the talk of the internet after he seemed to lose concentration and focus on the soaking wet breasts of a contestant during the nation’s equivalent of the game show ‘Splash’. Continue reading Cameraman Focuses on Contestant’s Boobs on TV Show (Video) → We have always said that South American TV shows are a bit different to the ones you will find in the UK. Let’s face it, the women are usually more scantily clad, and they seem to be having a lot more fun. Yes, feminists may shit a brick, but no-one over there seems to care. However, even in that part of the world, sometimes the line is drawn, and when it was last week, a TV presenter had a well deserved smack in the mouth from a hot model. Continue reading Brazilian TV Model Slaps Presenter For Touching Her Ass (Video) → There are few better things in the world than breasts. Whether they are big, small, natural, or enhanced, they are a thing of beauty. Continue reading Singing Breasts Advert Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness (Video) →

Cameraman Focuses on Contestant’s Boobs on TV Show (Video)

I am really not sure if the following story is funny, horrific, or somewhere in-between. An Uber passenger from Chicago got a ride to remember after his driver began receiving a blowjob during his journey. Continue reading Uber Driver Gets Blowjob During Ride (Video) → A couple who were the ‘stars’ of a video of them having sex over the counter at a Domino’s Pizza which went viral have been spared jail at a sentencing hearing this week. Continue reading Couple in Domino’s Sex Vid Spared Jail (Video) → In rather bizarre news, a drunk couple continued to have sex in a Leeds park even after they were told that the police had been called. Continue reading Man Slaps Couple Caught Having Park Sex in Front of Kids (Video) → A couple flying to Mexico were caught shamelessly having sex in footage that has been viewed millions of times on the internet. Continue reading Couple Filmed Having Brazen Sex on Flight (Video) → We have seen some crazy stuff here at Escort Ireland over the last few years. Often it entails a couple having public sex in full view of the watching world, when they initially thought they were being more subtle than that. However, this pair from Mexico seem to have taken the whole sex in public thing to a ridiculous new level. Continue reading Couple Filmed Having Sex At HSBC Cash Machine (Video) → Every few weeks we see a new public sex video. Some horny couple are caught having sex in front of people, and find themselves on social media, and sometimes, our blog. I am always amazed at their actions, and their lack of respect for other members of the public. Do they realise that very few people want to see that kind of stuff? Well, one pair have now suffered the consequences after one of these escapades. Continue reading Couple Whipped After Public Sex (Video) →

Brazilian TV Model Slaps Presenter For Touching Her Ass (Video)

A naughty couple in Argentina were filmed on camera having sex on a balcony in footage that went viral this week. Continue reading Couples Filmed Having Sex on Balcony (Video) → A randy couple in a New Zealand town centre were caught having sex on top of a sheep statue, with the footage going viral worldwide. Continue reading Couple Caught Having Sex on a Sheep (Video) → Many men feel insecure when it comes to their penises. They are afraid their shape, form and size are not how they’re supposed to be. There have been many types of treatments specially created to make men believe they can make their penis bigger. Why? Because they were told they need to have it bigger in order to satisfy ladies. Continue reading Does Jelqing Make Your Penis Bigger? (Video) → Guys, I know that all of you have your own idea of what the perfect woman looks like. In your eyes, they could look big, small, thin, curvaceous and so on. Continue reading Why Guys Love Female Bodybuilders! (Video) → In one of the funniest, but most cringeworthy videos I have seen in a long time, a Dublin man has been filmed after getting his penis caught in his zip during a drinking session. Continue reading Man Gets Penis Stuck In Zip (Video) → We have all heard about people joining the mile high club. Well, a couple in America have taken that to the extreme by having sex whilst skydiving. Continue reading Couple Busted For Skydiving Sex! (Video) →

Singing Breasts Advert Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness (Video)

Woman on top is one of the sexiest positions shagging because dude gets to relax and watch that goddess divine grind her way to pleasure town. The angle allows him to look at all her curves and dimensions, while allowing her the advantage to take charge and ride that stallion into the pasture. Dudes love this position because he can lie back and experience that sexy seductress take control. Turns out, the winner’s photo was a lot less explicit than other papaya entries. Her papaya was shaved and compact and resembled a smooth clamshell. Nell whose from Scotland said that her boyfriend always told her that, “you have a cute, chubby vagina.” Her papaya’s picture was shown from behind and it won her the title of ‘The Woman with the most beautiful vagina in the World’. Nell received a $5,000 grand prize and was flown to have her pussy 3D scanned for Sloan’s sex toy. A few years ago, I had a request to do a dinner date in Glasgow. Perfectly civil emails, if a little abrupt, led to a brief telephone conversation and eventually, we met. Dressed to impress in a cocktail dress, heels and hair flowing, I tottered into the bar to be surveyed with a chewed lip and a turned back. “She’ll have a G & T too. Slim line.” Bearing in mind that I was advertising as a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), that was uncalled for. Mature Latin Woman, profoundly happy to be back in Ireland! I believe life must be experienced at its best and that every moment matters, every touch, every kiss should feel like the first time! What do you think needs to be done to show that sex work isn’t like ‘Pretty Woman’? Let us know by posting in the comment box below, or head over to the Escort Ireland forum and share your thoughts there. Obviously, given my job I knew that wasn’t the case. I ended up watching the film again last night and it only confirmed it for me – the sex world in ‘Pretty Woman’ is not the sex world we know. Here’s why.

Pair ‘Have Sex’ on Ryanair Flight (Video)

We watched the film. When it ended some of my friends were all talking about how horrible it must be for the poor women being forced into this life, and that they never want to be in that situation. I was just sitting there looking at them, knowing that they hadn’t got a clue about the sex industry at all. They thought that the film ‘Pretty Woman’ was an exact representation of what it was like. It wasn’t long ago that I saw the film ‘Pretty Woman’ for the first time. I had just started working on the Escort Ireland forums as a moderator when one of my friends invited me to hers for a girlie night of drinks, movies, and rude sex talk. The Woman’s Hour presenter revealed that the first time she got annoyed “when a man claimed to have become a woman” was in 2000, when the Rev Peter Stone underwent transition surgery and became Carol. Ever since I came to work at Escort Ireland, I have realised that there are more things than in heaven and earth that people find sexually exciting. What looks absolutely ridiculous to one person, can get someone else off brilliantly. However, there is often such a lack of understanding of this, that problems can arise. This is why I found this story of a nurse getting himself fired in Australia so fascinating. Continue reading Obese Woman Facebook Post Gets Nurse Fired (Video) → To continue on the last point, you won’t have any confusion over boundaries, and there won’t be a woman thinking she is in a relationship when she isn’t. Forget ‘Pretty Woman;, it is bollocks! They say you can never have too much of a good thing. Well try telling that to Liz, who had a three hour orgasm and ended up in A and E. Continue reading Woman Rushed to Hospital After Three Hour Orgasm →

Waitress Sticks Hot Dog Up Vagina and Then Serves It To Customer (Video)

All men obviously want to give a woman an orgasm. Yet sadly, most guys don’t really know how to how to give a woman the ultimate pleasure. Seriously, most men play with the womans boobs and vagina for a bit, get straight into action, finish, and then wonder why the woman hasn’t come. Continue reading A Guide to Giving a Woman an Orgasm → For men, the ultimate fantasy is giving their hot and sexy lady so much pleasure that she actually squirts. However, there are plenty of badly acted pornos and nay-sayers out there to suggest that squirting isn’t real, and that it is all fake. Continue reading Can You Really Make A Woman Squirt? → It may surprise you that escorting is a great way to meet new and even significant people and time has certainly not worn off the ‘Pretty Woman’ idealistic scenario of falling in love with a client. It has happened many times and escorts the world over not only meet a amazing portfolio of people through their work but they also build relationships, sometimes with fellow escorts, sometimes with clients. Most escorts will prefer to separate their professional lives and their personal, but that is of course a personal decision. Most people tend to have their assumptions about the sex industry and how you might get into it. To a lot of people, when they imagine an escort, they picture someone young and incredibly attractive. They might think of Billie Piper in ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’. On his show, Jon Pole immediately tells us that the career of being an escort has fascinated him “from watching movies like ‘Pretty Woman”. He states that this film “obviously gave you one viewpoint”, and who better to talk to about another viewpoint than an escort! Here is a question you won’t get every day. When is street crime funny? Well, the answer is probably never. Still, if it is ever going to be funny, it will be if the victim is doing an interview on live TV regarding street crime. Well, that’s what happened in Brazil. Continue reading Woman Mugged on Live TV During Interview on Street Crime! → If you are not much of a virginal vacuum and are a bit hesitant when it comes to giving oral sex due to preconceived notions you may have – listen up! It’s time to give our readers more of an in-depth look into the vagina and the amazing results that guys (and girls) can achieve by using their tongues. Continue reading How To Give a Woman Oral Sex →

Uber Driver Gets Blowjob During Ride (Video)

A woman in Austria who filmed a porn video of her exposing her breasts and masturbating in a church has been identified after one viewer recognised her breasts. Continue reading Woman In Church Porn Video Identified By Her Breasts! → I was lying in bed on Sunday morning after a rather heavy night of drinking watching the boxing on TV the previous night. I suddenly got a got a text message from one of my other boxing mad friends saying that legendary boxing promoter Frank Maloney was in the process of becoming a woman. Continue reading Boxing Legend Frank Maloney Becomes a Woman! → Of course, there are a lot of stereotypes and plenty of stigma surrounding the sex industry. My friend, unfortunately, believed every single one of them. Straight away she asked if I was like Vivian Ward (the main character from Pretty Woman), and so I began to explain to her what the industry is really like. Here are the stereotypes she asked me about, and how I responded. It wasn’t long ago that I saw the film ‘Pretty Woman’ for the first time. I had just started working on the Escort Ireland forums as a moderator when one of my friends invited me to hers for a girlie night of drinks, movies, and rude sex talk. Continue reading It’s Not Like ‘Pretty Woman’ → What would it be like to have sex every day for a year? Yes, it sounds good, saucy fun for 365 days on the spin, but could you really handle it? Would you even want to? Continue reading Woman Experiments by Having Sex Every Day for a Year! → Here at Escort Ireland, we have always been happy to bring you threesome tips. We know that the reality can be very different to the fantasy. Positions can get tough, as you move around the bed not really that sure what you are doing. It is very easy for it to go wrong. However, did could you ever imagine it going THIS wrong? Continue reading Threesome Woman Falls From Balcony During Orgasm! →

Couple in Domino’s Sex Vid Spared Jail (Video)