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Ladies and Gentlemen, its now the time to declare the May 2010 winner of Escort of the Month so... the winner is... A DRAW!!! Yes its great news indeed as the winners are... Patty Baby AND Chantall Patty is now the first Escort to win this competition for the 3rd time although shes had an unusual run of luck with Escort of the Month. She was disqaulified once before although it wasnt her fault. Since then shes proven to be one of the most popular Escorts this site has had. She has a lot to be proud of. So Patty Baby is the winner and is now Miss February E-I 2009, Miss October E-I 2009 and Miss May E-I 2010. Patty is the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. But Patty is not alone this month. This is the 3rd time weve had a 2-way draw. The last draw was way back in March last year. Sharing the win this month with Patty is Chantall. This is Chantalls first win and I believe shes rather new to E-I. Sadly shes not touring at the moment so we can only hope she returns soon. Chantall is also Miss May E-I 2010 and the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. Hi all, its now time to declare the May Escort of the Month and the new winner is... Alexa!!!! Alexa is now the 3rd Italian Escort to win the competition and the 3rd in a row as 2011 seems to be the year of the latin Escorts. So Alexa is Miss May E-I 2011 and the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. Congrats Alexa!!! Ive also revamped the rules of the competition and newly updated rules are on this months blog. Thanks to all the reviewers and Escorts for their hard work and see you next month for Miss June. Hi all its now time to declare the next Escort of the Month and new winner is... Anny Mary!!!! This month I had a rather difficult decision to make. The top points were scored by Denise who had to leave Ireland. She scored 29 points and would be the winner if she continued to work here. But shes gone and I thought giving her the win wouldnt be fair to the ladies that are here and still working in Ireland. In fact this month there were 3 ladies scoring very high points, Denise on 29, Anny Mary on 25 and Nicky Brazil on 22. Alexa or Blonde Alexa as we know her came 4th on 13 points which indicates that the top 3 scoring girls really should be congradulated for recieving some amazing reviews. Also I normally have a cut-off mark at 5 points in order to enter the EOTM blog. But this month because so many girls scored points I had to raise the cut-off mark to 6 points which meant 10 other Escorts didnt get to make the blog. Why you ask? Well the blogs can only have so many characters so I had to leave them out. Now I hope my decision doesnt make people upset. I would love to give the win to Denise but shes gone now and according to what happened before she wont be returning. I used to have a rule about girls not working the following month but I abolished it. But this situation is different as Denise decided to leave for her own reasons. So I declare Anny Mary the winner. Anny is now Miss April E-I 2011 and the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. Congrats Anny Xxx Hi all!!! It is now time to declare the new Escort of the Month and the winner is... Alice!!! For the last two months weve had our first Spanish Escorts winning the competition. This month we have our very first Italian winner. Its was a hotly contested competition this month with Irish Ciara (Miss December E-I) just loosing out to Alice by a singal point. As well as that we had some high scoring Escorts like Demi and Jessica Jessy (Miss July and March E-I 2010). We even had 4 time Escort of the Month legend Alex Irish appearing until she had to pull out of the reviews system. I would like to take this oppertunity to say I hope Alex returns to us soon and her situation sorts itself. We love you Alex. So Alice is the winner of a months free advertising on E-I and is now Miss March E-I 2011. Congrats Alice!!! Its now time to declare the new Escort of the Month, and the winner is... ANOTHER DRAW!!! Sarah and Emily!!!! This month was a very tight race with only a point seperating several girls from winning the competition. Irish Ciara whom won last month could of won by a good margin if she was eligible. But no Escort is allowed win consecutive months. So we have another draw. The second of the year. There has been a rule change since last months draw. The recession is tough on us all and so in the case of draws the winning Escorts must share the months free advertising prize between them. Only solo winners get the full prize. Firstly this is Sarahs second win. She won Miss September 2010 last year and since then has become an extremely popular and well reviewed Escort. I met her last year shortly after win and shes such a lovely girl. Im very happy shes won Escort of the month again eventhough its a shared win this time. Emily is completely new to E-I. She recieved reviews since October 20th and has had enough positive reviews to score a draw. According to her reviews shes got very little English but is French and is the lady in the pics. Shes now the first French Escort to win the competition as very few French Escorts come to Ireland and even fewer do well in Escort of the Month. She also isnt regestered on the E-I boards. Shes the first girl without a messageboard profile to win in over a year. I cant remember the last and thats saying something. Anyway, both Sarah and Emily are Miss November E-I 2011 and the winners of a months free advertising between them. Congrats girls Hi all, it is now time to declare the NEW Escort of the Month and the winner is... Nataly Well believe it or not but Nataly is the first Slovakian Escort to win the competition ever. Its kinda crazy considering the amount of Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian Escorts on E-I but no girl from these countries have ever won. So its great to see a Slovakian girl getting there first. This month proved a tough race with new girl Amelia Babe making a big impact as joint runner up with the December 2011 winner Kitty. Nataly herself was the runner up for the December competition losing to Kitty so Nataly has gotten her revenge there...lol. Nataly is now Miss February E-I 2012 and the winner of a months free advertising on E-I. Congrats

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Hi all and Merry Christmas! Its now time to declare the NEW Escort of the Month for the 52nd consecutive monthly edition. And this months winner is... Rachel Profile Rachel has now entered a group of select few Escorts because this is her 2nd solo win. Her first was almost 2 years ago back in February 2011 when she was newish to E-I at the time. Its actually been over a year since a previous winner has managed to seize the prize. But Rachel has done it again and is now Miss December E-I 2012 and Miss February 2011. Merry Christmas to all and see you in the new year with the 53rd edition of EOTM. Sometimes you can grow a little tired of the punting scene in Ireland. You want to go somewhere new to meet fresh faces, or perhaps your favourite escort has travelled further afield when touring and you just can’t wait to meet them. If you find yourself in Scotland, you’ll discover that the Edinburgh escorts will become some of your favourites to meet. Continue reading 6 Date Locations To Visit With The Edinburgh Escorts → In order to make sure you have the best time of your life while in this area, you have to plan your trip carefully. So, when it comes to meeting one of the classy escorts in Damastown, you should definitely focus on finding a compatible lady.Thanks to our website you can easily find your perfect match, just by going through the courtesans profiles. And while you do this, why not have some fun? Read the funny, sexy and naughty articles written on the Escorts Ireland blog and dont hesitate to tell us your point of view on the subjects discussed! Have fun! It really has been a fascinating, and also a rather worrying week in politics. After the UK voted to leave the European Union (against the wishes of the Northern Irish public may I add) there has been a lot of talk bout deportations, and an increase in racist attacks ect. But what does Brexit actually mean for the escorts who work on our site? Continue reading Brexit – What It Means For Escorts! → Oriental Louth Female Escorts Black Louth Female Escorts

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Louth Female Independent Escorts (38) If you think that an escort wouldn’t be able to help you with that problem, don’t worry. Escorts would have seen a lot of cocks in all different shapes and sizes, and pleasured a lot of cocks in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you think that you or your cock can’t be pleasured because you have Peyronie’s Disease, think again. Escorts set their fees. They have them clearly displayed on their profile for you to see, and some will confirm the amount when you make the booking. One of the most infuriating and frustrating things for clients to do is to try and haggle on the price. Escorts know how valuable their time is. They choose their own rates, but given how in-demand they are in the countdown to Christmas, do they need to raise their prices? Uniforms - Escorts that advertise uniforms are saying they have uniforms they can dress up in for clients, e.g. schoolgirl, policewoman / bean garda, nurse. Domination - Domination is where one partner dominates over the other. Escorts and other ladies in Ireland offering domination are offering to be a dominant partner. Also Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix - The person that is in charge. If the person is a male he is called a dominant or dom; if female she is called a domme, domina or dominatrix.

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Escorts and escort clients should have regular sexual health checks at an STD / STI / GUM Clinic. Escorts will also often be offered Hepatitis jabs. You should be honest with the sexual health advisor at the GUM Clinic, i.e. tell them you are an escort or an escort client... Dont worry, they wont be shocked, they have heard it all before! In order to make sure you have the time of your life, you should plan it carefully. The most important part is finding your perfect escort. Fortunately, this is quite easy thanks to our website. So, what you have to do is look through the profiles created by the talented escorts in East Wall and choose the one you want to see. To make sure you are compatible, read the ladies descriptions as well as the feedback they received.In addition, if you want to have some fun while searching for your favourite courtesan, check out the articles on our sexy blog. Arent you interested in finding out How Not to Get Caught Seeing Escorts? Escorts see a lot of different clients and experience many things. They have become knowledgeable in all things kinky, so you can enjoy a date with them knowing that your chosen Kildare Town escort or dominatrix knows what they are doing.Looking for some hot inspiration for your date? Father Casey has been taking confessions. He might even have some confessions from the local call girls! Take a look and see what the elite escorts have been getting up to. Before you begin thinking about the things you can do in this area, you might want to book yourself into a hotel. There are plenty of great ones in the area for you to choose from, ensuring you have somewhere close by to head to after your date. Your room will also make the perfect place to go and enjoy a sexy and sensual massage from a local companion. Itll make your night even better!Now, what about the things you can do in this area? Well, you can begin your trip with walking around and admiring its beautiful streets and buildings. Then, you can stop for a shopping session at Douglas Shopping Centre or you can enjoy playing golf at Frankfield Golf Club.In order to have a lovely evening, how about spending it at a traditional Irish Pub? South County Bar & Café is the perfect option. And if you travel alone, this is the perfect time to meet one of the talented Douglas Escorts. Before you actually begin planning your trip, you should take into consideration booking a comfy room in an affordable hotel. Bannview Bed and Breakfast is an excellent choice. For very friendly prices, you get an amazing room and the chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast.After having breakfast and a tasty dose of caffeine, you can begin exploring this area. Can you think of a better way to start your morning than with a walk in the middle of nature? If you can’t, than Portadown Peoples Park is the place you want to go to.In case you want to enjoy a session of shopping, High Street Mall should be your next stop. And to get in touch with the spirit of this area, don’t forget to add Ardress House and the secret bunker to your must-see list.And if you want to have a culinary experience, check out Zio Restaurant. Of course, those of you who travel without a companion should ask one of the hot Portadown Escorts to join them for dinner. Before you start making you holiday plans, you should find a good hotel. If I were you I would go with Corrs Corner Hotel, not only because it offers amazing rooms and a perfect location, but also because it has a great restaurant where they serve delicious food.If you are interested in spending time in the middle of nature, you can start your holiday at Three Mile Water Conservation Park. However, since many people like outdoor activities, Burnfield House Golf Course deserves to be mentioned.If you want to understand the area better, you must check out the Sentry Hill Historic House & Visitor Centre. And for a very interesting evening, Theatre at The Mill is a fabulous choice.When you get hungry, going back to Corrs Corner Hotel is what you want to do. And of course, those of you who travel without a partner should take advantage of this situation and meet one of the sexy Newtownabbey Escorts.

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Please consider that generally, we do not find it in the best interest of the escorts to delete reviews on a whim. Escorts feel that they have to work hard to earn their reviews and it is considered a disservice to remove this feedback from them. Also consider that once a review is submitted it will be in the public domain and available for everyone to view, so ensure that before you review you have a suitable username that is discrete. If you have any major concerns, please contact us to discuss the situation. Now I love my wife and care for her but after five years I have decided the celibate life is not for me. I cannot consider an affair as it would be ruinous to my marriage. Escorts or as a friend of mine said ‘pay as you go girlfriend’ was the route to go. I am now sexually satisfied and my family life continues. However, this article isn’t about restricting you from seeing an escort if you want to have some companionship with her. Escorts won’t be able to give you the love that you may desire in your life, but they can help you to develop the tricks and skills so that, one day, you will find someone who would be available for you to love and make love to, without anyone else getting in between you two. Escorts in Dublin, Belfast, and all the other popular Irish cities, who advertise on Escort Ireland, are well aware how popular getting with the season can be. That is why many add Halloween costumes to their wardrobe and are more than happy to use them during encounters with clients. If you haven’t realised that the Rio Olympics 2016 have started a couple of days ago, then you must have been living under a soundproof rock. Continue reading An interview With Five Sexy, Sporty Escorts → Let’s take a look at the system in Ireland. Escorts have to work on their own, because if they don’t, they are at risk of being accused of running a brothel. Therefore, if some sicko rocks up with his ‘kill kit’, who is there to help?

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Reluctance to hand over payment can also make it seem like you have no intention of going on with the date. Escorts don’t want to waste their time with people who want to try and get discounts or just not pay them. Avoid rookie mistakes like those by having the payment ready for them as soon as possible. Escorts also get plenty of calls from clients who have no intention of booking them. They simply want to listen to a sexy lady on the phone and get them talking for as long as possible. Asking too many questions might make you seem like a time waster. If you want to book them, book them. Don’t interrogate them first. Escorts choose to do this line of work because they enjoy it. How long they do it for is up to them, and they don’t need any conversations that imply (even by accident) that what they are doing is a choice that can be improved upon. Maybe it is the fact that many guys would struggle to have a girlfriend who was an escort, but my word, it is stupid. Escorts are real people, they aren’t robots who have no life outside the confines of the apartment or hotel you meet them in. Which pride event are you most looking forward to? Tell us what you are thinking by leaving a comment in the box below, or by simply voting in the poll. Punters, what will you do to celebrate pride? Maybe you are looking for the perfect companion to celebrate with? If so, you should check out the Dublin escorts who support the LGBTQ+ community! Escorts, which are the best places to visit? The Escorts in Dublin come in all shapes and sizes, and have real, and enhanced breasts. Just look at the profiles and you will see either marked down.

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