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This 1976 Japanese film generated tons of controversy upon its release. It wasn’t just the real deal shagging scenes either, it was inherently the sensational story itself! Set in Tokyo, it features two lovers that have an intense affair consisting of sexual experiments and kinky self indulgences. Their affair escalates once Ishida discovers she’s excited by strangling Sada during sex. Without giving away the entire movie, expect her to write “Sada Kichi the two of us forever” in blood on her own chest. In the 1990s, I had heard of these ‘rude cartoons’, although I didn’t really think much of them. My father did have a copy of the French 1975 adult cartoon Jungle Burger (or Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle as known in the States), which I watched in during the 90s and found it mildly amusing, but not sexually arousing by any stretch. What I didn’t know about was the extremity of these Japanese animé titles, where vulnerable young girls would be coaxed into the chambers of a demi-demon that would end up being bounded and sexually manipulated by many phallic-shaped tentacles. When they weren’t being sexually abused by demons, these young ladies would inevitably end up having a sexual pyjama party, sensually exploring and licking each other’s firm, pert bodies, rosy-cheeked and making little high pitched gasps and moans upon every touch. In Japan and all over the world, the popular Final Fantasy VII heroine, Tifa Lockhart became a sexual icon, dressed in her tight white boob-tube to expose her heaving bosom, complimented by a tight black skirt and braces, finished off by a pair of kick-ass combat boots and gloves. It is hard to Google ‘Tifa Lockhart’ without inadvertently stumbling upon her sprawled out in a range of suggestive positions! Maybe the fascination of Tifa all down to her being one of the first proper ‘Girl Power’ characters in the video game world. Of course, similarly and around the same time, Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series was regarded as the new Claudia Schiffer of the Playstation generation. Many young men would drool over Lara’s triangular knockers and enjoyed the site of her crudely-vectored arse wiggling from side to side as she tried to out-run a random T-Rex that appeared out of nowhere. Finally, women in video games were equal, if not MORE powerful than male video game protagonists; they had guns AND tits! What a powerful combo! When I first blurted out the word ‘bondage’, everyone on that table looked at me with shocked faces. Even though I felt like a freak at that time, friends have encountered me later on in life and told me that they would love to have someone perform Japanese bondage on them. But the Japan sex game show search really shows how much the country loves game shows. It is by far the most popular growing search from 2016, as it saw a huge 957% increase! The different sex game shows you can find online don’t really tell us what to expect, but they are definitely unusual and make for some really kinky porn! Given the different unusual game shows Japan has become known for we shouldn’t really be surprised. There are some requiring you to throw a spinning top onto a table with a hole in it… but the hole also leads straight to someone’s ass and the spinning top has a sharp needle as the point. There are even some where random items around the room are made of chocolate and you have to guess which items you can eat by biting them.

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However, perhaps the most unusual search on this list comes from Japan. In Japan, they had one very clear idea of what they wanted to watch. They wanted to see “Japan sex game show”. Leave it to Japan to see a kinky world record that needs their undivided attention. The country that has brought you sushi and the Samurai and great products like televisions has also organized the world’s biggest orgy. The orgy started off on a bang in a warehouse with a camera crew and 250 couples. Once it was discovered however that the couples only had sex with each other and that the whole kinky escapade was choreographed well, there should have been a correction made to the world record title: World’s biggest choreographed couple sex orgy. Definitely not the fuckfest in the movie Caligula that’s for sure. Want to see a clip of a real fuckfest? Then check out six movies where they really have sex! It has to be said, Japan is famous for two things; Karaoke and crazy game shows. We all remember ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, where rather insane Japanese contestants risked life and limb going over ostensibly dangerous assault courses. Well, if you thought that was bad enough, wait until you hear about the new craze in the country. And if soap is not what you have in mind, how about oil? Well, not usual oil, but a special one. I am talking to NURU MASSAGE, an amazing experience based on an ancient Japanese erotic technique. What does this mean? It’s quite simple actually: the sexy escort covers you in nuru oil ( this is a special oil that allows her body to slip) and then gets messy! Yes, you guessed, she offers you an exclusive body-to-body massage! Also, some of the people who feel uncomfortable to take off their clothes but want to enjoy a full body massage, go for SHIATSU or THAI MASSAGE. What do these mean? Well, the first one is a Japanese procedure that stands on Chinese medicine and includes mostly a massage with fingers, thumbs and palms. So, considering the Japanese used it since antiquity, I strongly believe it’s time to follow them, and learn how to do a Nuru massage in order to completely please our partners!

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There are many things we should thank Japan for, and bringing Nuru massage to us is one of them. In Japanese, “Nuru” means “slippery” and this is exactly what it is: a slippery massage that takes care of the whole body, even though you are tempted to believe it’s just for your penis or pussy. “Her task is to help the Minister of the interior, to do everything possible to support America, Japan and other countries, which help us in carrying out reforms, not reduce, but increase, their knowledge, experience, charisma.” Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that is based on theoretic framework of traditional Chinese medicine. In Japanese, Shiatsu means "finger pressure". As massage encounters are getting more and more popular, it is safe to say that Shiatsu escorts are becoming one of the most respected forms of advertisers on our sites. Nuru massage is a special type of massage, based on the ancient Japanese erotic slide massage. The only vital things for a nuru massage are two people (the massager and the person receiving the treatment), Nuru oil, and no clothes. The reason for the lack of clothing is because it is one of the full body-to-body massages you can get, and as it requires two bodies to slide up and down each other, it can get messy and feel very arousing to feel your partners body sliding all over yours. What if I told you that in Japan you can find sex dolls brothels where men pay good money in order to play with sex dolls in virtual-reality whorehouses. But I guess this is not surprising for you since we are talking about Japan, is it? Well, there are many weird sex related things that happen there, but the strange Japanese sexuality is a subject for a different article. Japan currently holds the record for the ‘biggest orgy ever’. It took place in 2007 and involved 500 people having sex in a warehouse. In fact, if you want to see it, it is actually available on video.

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The prevalent theory is that this is a symptom of the Japanese economic downturn that has affected the country for 20 years. Before that, the country was built on a structure of drive, passion and success. this went back to its military days, and then the alpha-males that made the country such a powerhouse after the war. Even Japanese men who are in relationships don’t seem to be having that much real sex. Of those surveyed, only 27% of couples said they had sex every week, whilst only 2% of babies were born out of wedlock. For those of you who don’t know, anime and manga are a form of Japanese animation which is popular the world over. Still, these Japanese men are taking it to a whole new level. One of the more strange stories I read recently was of the emergence of the otaku in Japan. These guys are obsessed with manga, anime and computers. They prefer it to sex, even going as far as having virtual girlfriends. In 1994 scientists from Finland and Japan found that women who drank moderate amounts of alcohol had increased levels of testosterone in the body,which in turn boosted their sex drive. Men on the other hand were largely unaffected. The affect was most pronounced in women who were on the pill who had low testosterone levels anyway. In Japan, Geishas were at first called, yūjo or play women. Inside of a shogunate or pleasure quarter, these play women specialized in the art of sexual enjoyment in a culture where men were not constrained to be faithful to their wives. These play women entertained their guests through erotic dances and skits called Kabuku meaning, to be wild and outrageous.

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When I ask myself “Why, men, why?”, I am certainly not referring to the “benefits” of pearling. I know the theory: the beads stimulate the clitoris giving women more pleasure. At the same time, it makes anal sex better, too. Or else, why would prisoners (not the Japanese mafia, of course) be so fond of it? It seems that the trend was born in Asia thanks to the Yakuza members who performed pearling during their time spent in prison. Also, the mafia in Japan used this method to mark the years spent in prison! I see Diego walking through the front door, his chest and arms are impeccable, decorated in tattoos of exotic fishes and Japanese women, all down his biceps. He beard just makes me want to sit and grind on his face, and his abs is begging me to drip warm honey all over it and lick it all up. He looks at me with a gleeful smile, just like the first time we met. It has to be said, Japan is famous for two things; Karaoke and crazy game shows. We all remember ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, where rather insane Japanese contestants risked life and limb going over ostensibly dangerous assault courses. Well, if you thought that was bad enough, wait until you hear about the new craze in the country. Continue reading Japanese Handjob Karaoke (Video) → The countries with the smallest penises are North Korea at 3.8 inches, South Korea 3.8 Cambodia 3.95, Thailand 4.0, India 4.03, Taiwan 4.24, Philippines 4.27, Sri Lanka 4.29, China 4.5, Japan 4.3 and Hong Kong 4.41. When one discusses Oriental escorts, in modern times, they are likely to mean men and women from China, Japan and The Philippines. These girls have a special kind of grace and elegance which is really difficult to match or replicate. It is no wonder then, that female Oriental escorts, and those of the male variety, have become some of the most popular on our website.

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I hope that as a society we get rid of these preconceptions of people and the industry. It is a shame for people, like the Japanese players, to get their dreams destroyed for such an incident. A doctor, Golden San who is both an S&M practitioner and chiropractor told the Daily Beast: “Women in Japan are embarrassed to admit that their boyfriend ties them up or that they like it. ‘Kinbaku’ apparently comes from the Japanese bondage subculture, and translates to ‘tight binding’. This form of Japanese Rope Bondage sees people tie each other up VERY tightly and in elaborate patterns. One of the more strange stories I read recently was of the emergence of the otaku in Japan. These guys are obsessed with manga, anime and computers. They prefer it to sex, even going as far as having virtual girlfriends. Continue reading Japanese Men and Their Virtual Lovers → Four Japanese basketball players have been sent home from the Asian Games after it emerged they paid women for sex during their time there. Continue reading Japanese Basketball Players Sent Home From Asian Games After Meeting Sex Workers → If you prefer doing your adult toy shopping online, check out HK Sex Toys. Although the website is not as user-friendly as some of its competitors, HK Sex Toys still offers a variety of adult toys mainly from Japan and Korea, and also has a selection of sexy underwear for men and thongs and pantyhose for ladies.

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